What is the best place to study in France?

What is the best place to study in France? Choosing the right place to study in France is an extremely important decision. In this article, we look at the factors that make Lyon the quintessential study destination. Known for its exceptional academic programmes, its affordability and its rich cultural tapestry, Lyon emerges as the first

Focus on the Master of Science at ISC Paris

ISC Paris is a leading French business school founded in 1963 with a primary vocation: “the selection and training of a young elite for the companies of tomorrow”. The school’s pedagogy combines theory, practice and vision of the future, while offering support and proximity to its students. ISC Paris offers a wide range of courses

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Do a master’s degree in food processing in Paris

Are you interested in the food industry? Do you want to make a career in this high potential field? The master’s degree in agribusiness is the right information for you! We present you this course, as well as the advantages of following it in Paris. What is a master’s degree in food processing? The master’s

Masters in International Business

The institutes offering masters in international business have more or less different training programs. So you’ll have to pay attention to several things if you want to join this course of study. Let’s take a closer look at the different masters programs that exist, the admission procedures and the prospects for further study. Why do

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All about the Bachelor in International Business

In 2018, 187,400 business, management and accounting school students were counted in France. This enthusiasm, spurred by the large number of opportunities this sector offers in the job market, has led to the emergence of several post-baccalaureate programs dedicated to it. Today, Student Horizon has decided to focus on one of these programs: the Bachelor

Focus on the Master in Human Resources

Human resources management is a generic term used to describe the management and development of an organization’s employees. Also known as personnel management, it involves overseeing everything related to the management of an organization’s human capital. The position is usually held by fairly experienced individuals, especially those with a master’s degree in human resources. The

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BTS Communication, the key to success

Given its complexity and its origins that dig into the history of humanity, communication is an omnipresent social and cultural process that is attached to practically any kind of human reaction. Over time, man has thought about the need to change the way he communicates, depending on the situation, circumstances, people, etc., which has led

Focus on MSc (Master of Science)

The Master of Science (MSc) is an international training program that delivers a high-level diploma, i.e. a bachelor’s degree. The originality of this training is that it is carried out within a multicultural framework and the teaching is given in English. This program is thus intended for students from all over the world and can