Do a master’s degree in food processing in Paris

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Are you interested in the food industry? Do you want to make a career in this high potential field? The master’s degree in agribusiness is the right information for you! We present you this course, as well as the advantages of following it in Paris.

What is a master’s degree in food processing?

The master’s degree in food processing is a very advanced course, which allows the validation of 300 ECTS credits. Certified by the RNCP, this course allows you to acquire significant expertise in the field of agri-food, thus opening the doors to positions of responsibility within agri-food companies.

If you wish, you can follow a master’s degree in agribusiness as part of a traditional curriculum or by alternating courses. The latter option is very interesting, as it gives you the opportunity to combine theoretical teaching with professional experience within a company.

The other advantage of the master’s degree in agri-food management is that it directs you towards various professions, which can be linked to both biology and management. Indeed, this training offers you several specialties, among which we can mention :

  • Innovation in food industries;
  • Nutrition and food science;
  • Agricultural sciences and technologies;
  • International agri-food management, etc.

How do I get into a master’s degree in food processing in Paris?To enter a master’s degree in agribusiness in Paris, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness or in a related field. Among the possible courses we find: bachelor in biology, bachelor in management, bachelor in biology, etc. Then, you must submit an application file, consisting of a CV, a letter of motivation, your transcripts, etc. After examining your file, you will be invited to a motivation interview.

Why take a master’s degree in agri-food in Paris?

In addition to being a world economic capital, Paris is a great city to live and study in. The capital is very popular with French and foreign students, as it offers several advantages. Among them, we find :

1 – A varied university offer

Paris is home to several universities and colleges. You can choose from a wide range of courses, especially in the food industry. Most of these programs are of a very high academic quality.

2 – A pleasant living environment

Paris is a metropolis worthy of the name. When you move here, you will discover a city rich in heritage and tourist potential. After your classes, you can stroll among its various monuments, cafés, bars, restaurants, green spaces, etc. In short, all the conditions are there for you to have a fulfilling life.

3 – Remarkable accessibility

Paris is served by a very dense transportation network. There are public transportation lines everywhere. In addition, most Parisian residential neighborhoods are close to all essential amenities (large and small stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.). This remarkable accessibility makes your daily life more pleasant and allows you to stay fully focused on your studies.

4 – Huge economic potential

Paris’ GDP is comparable to that of entire countries! It is a city where several economic behemoths have decided to settle because of its enormous economic potential. This bodes well for young graduates, who are faced with multiple career and hiring opportunities.


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