BTS Communication, the key to success

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Given its complexity and its origins that dig into the history of humanity, communication is an omnipresent social and cultural process that is attached to practically any kind of human reaction. Over time, man has thought about the need to change the way he communicates, depending on the situation, circumstances, people, etc., which has led many organizations to specialize in communication and to attract more and more professionals who will take on a variety of tasks related to the sector. What are the reasons for choosing a communication course? And what are the professional opportunities?

BTS Communication: tailor-made training for a guaranteed job

The BTS communication combines theoretical and practical aspects, in order to make the training complete and above all to allow the student to acquire the necessary assets and skills to carry out his future projects and missions related to communication.

It is a training focused mainly on two major components, namely:

  • The general education which includes initiations to various themes and current topics for example;
  • Professional education which is based on the deepening of a certain number of communication techniques (DTP Computer Aided Programming) and artistic techniques (graphic design, production, etc.).

The BTS communication course can be done in alternation (one week of classes and another in the company), crowned by a 14 week experience and a professionalization or apprenticeship contract.

Professional opportunities: a promising profession for a bright future

The field of activities of a young graduate in communication is so vast that it prepares him to occupy a wide range of positions:

  • Writer or participant in the writing of web marketing content, SEO, blogs in specialized agencies;
  • Graphic designer in audiovisual communication agencies;
  • Publicist in advertising agencies or for production companies;
  • Internal and external communication manager in medium and large structures;
  • HR manager in event management agencies;
  • Any position of responsibility in the mass media, etc.

As a reminder and to summarize the above tasks, this communication professional participates in the design and implementation of action plans related to the internal or external communication of the company. He/she analyzes and implements strategies capable of fluidifying communication with his/her clients or even his/her service providers (if needed).

His commercial fiber must be irreproachable, since it is he who convinces his potential customers, negotiates the different proposals offered by the company and ensures the marketing of the advertising space he has at his disposal as he lends advice to those who ask for it, especially to advertisers.

The editorial side is a fundamental asset for the young communication graduate. As previously mentioned, he/she participates in the institution’s content. He/she is also able to manage and supervise a team of editors, so the communication manager becomes a multi-task profile, whose presence is both indispensable and enriching.


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