All about the Bachelor in International Business

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In 2018, 187,400 business, management and accounting school students were counted in France. This enthusiasm, spurred by the large number of opportunities this sector offers in the job market, has led to the emergence of several post-baccalaureate programs dedicated to it. Today, Student Horizon has decided to focus on one of these programs: the Bachelor in International Business.

What is the Bachelor in International Business?

The Bachelor in International Business is a three-year degree program offered by schools affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), as well as private business schools. Spread over 3 years of study, this program attracts a large number of students because of its international dimension, ideal for those who are passionate about discovering other cultures, and who have little difficulty in expatriating themselves to work outside of France.

What is taught during the Bachelor in International Business?

The Bachelor in International Business program includes generic modules that it shares with other programs, as well as more specialized courses that emphasize its international character. Among the disciplines that are often found in this type of program are:

  • General culture ;
  • Modern languages ;
  • Management and Business;
  • Marketing ;
  • Accounting ;
  • International trade;
  • Management control ;
  • Entrepreneurship ;
  • Business Administration ;
  • International economic environment;
  • Management information systems;
  • etc.

It should be noted that the first year is taught in a common core, including general subjects and seminars led by professors or professionals. The second year is used to validate the knowledge acquired one year earlier and to prepare students to enter the job market through an internship in a company. The third year includes an internship abroad as part of the Erasmus project or in a partner company.

What are the opportunities for a Bachelor’s degree in International Business?

Once the Bachelor’s degree in International Business is obtained, it is possible to enter a more advanced program such as a Master’s degree in International Business. It is also possible to enter the job market through the front door. On the list of professions to which one can apply is :

  • Management auditor;
  • Communication and Marketing Manager;
  • Sales manager;
  • etc.

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