What studies should I do to become an administrative manager?

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Companies generally need an administrative manager to carry out the administrative or accounting tasks necessary for the application of legal declarations, the management of contracts, etc. By delegating particularly time-consuming tasks to this professional, the company manager can focus on his projects and give more attention to the development of his business. In this article, discover the different training courses you can follow to become an administrative manager, as well as the responsibilities you will have to assume once you are in your position.

Training to become an administrative manager

The DUT and the professional licenses are the main training courses that prepare you for the job of administrative manager. Management training courses also open the way to the exercise of this profession. These courses, which can be taken by distance learning or on a sandwich course, are open to holders of the baccalaureate, in particular the bac pro management administration in Lyon, as well as to students who have professional experience in management. Admission requirements differ from one institution to another. Applicants may be asked to attend a motivation interview to discuss their career plans.

During the training, students are prepared to manage the relationship of a company with its partners (customers, suppliers, etc.) and staff. They are also prepared for internal administrative management and project development. Note that some institutions offer a specialization during their curriculum, designed to train students to work as administrative managers in specific sectors.

Below are some courses of study from Bac +2 to Bac +5 level, which allow graduates to access the profession of administrative managers:

  • DUT in business and administration management;
  • Licence professionnelle collaborator in human resources management;
  • Professional degree in management control;
  • Higher diploma in accounting and management;
  • Master in management control ;
  • Master in law ;
  • Master’s degree in business and management ;
  • Master in human resources;
  • Etc.

The role of the administrative manager

The administrative manager is entrusted with all the tasks necessary for the smooth running of an administration or a department within the company. In particular, he/she ensures that regulations are properly applied, takes care of administrative declarations, draws up employment contracts, distributes memos, etc.

Working in close collaboration with the human resources department, particularly for everything related to personnel management, the administrative manager may be entrusted with the management of a team of administrative agents. In addition to HR, he/she will also analyze the general situation in collaboration with the other heads of the accounting, administration and finance, purchasing and supply departments…

These responsibilities require a great deal of versatility and a perfect command of the legislation applied to the world of work. In addition, he/she is expected to constantly update information on legislation and the Labor Code, by keeping a watchful eye on new research tools and media. In this way, he/she will be able to ensure that the company is in perfect compliance with the legal requirements of its sector of activity.

He/she also plays the role of intermediary between the company and its various interlocutors, including the State services, in order to transmit files, carry out procedures and other documents necessary for the management of the personnel.

In addition to these responsible missions, the administrative manager may, in some companies, also take care of certain small day-to-day tasks such as management planning, mail or telephone switchboard.


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