Focus on MSc (Master of Science)

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The Master of Science (MSc) is an international training program that delivers a high-level diploma, i.e. a bachelor’s degree. The originality of this training is that it is carried out within a multicultural framework and the teaching is given in English. This program is thus intended for students from all over the world and can be a springboard for an international profession.

Discover all the characteristics of the Msc management.

The advantages of an MSc degree

MSc programs are generally found in business schools, whereas previously they were available in foreign universities. The quality of the teaching is high and its international outlook allows students to go abroad for internships or exchanges.

Which courses?

It is important to know that each institution has its own teaching program, which depends on the specialization targeted. In addition to management, the specializations of the Msc include digital, communication, international trade, engineering, tourism, health, biology and economics among others. This multidisciplinary training offers many advantages, in fact, in addition to the theoretical courses, there are more practice-oriented courses, such as internships, seminars, or group professional projects. Several MSc management programs can be carried out in the form of alternating courses, the aim being to allow students to benefit from an immersion in the professional world, while having theoretical courses.

How to enter an MSc?

The MSc program can be completed in one or two years. Candidates who wish to enter this program must have a degree of Bac+3. In order to get into the program, it is generally necessary to go through an interview, so the oral mastery of English is to be put forward, but it is also necessary to send an application file containing a letter of motivation, as well as a curriculum vitae to the institution.

What to do after graduation?

For those who wish to work abroad, or in a French company that is expanding internationally, the msc management program is the right solution. With this diploma, the opportunities for professional careers are very numerous, which is not negligible when deciding to integrate this type of training.


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