Why you should consider a Global MBA

In today’s ever-evolving global landscape, the pursuit of a Global Master of Business Administration (MBA) has taken on remarkable significance. As international business and education continue to play an increasingly important role, individuals around the world are recognising the immense value of a Global MBA in shaping their careers and opening doors to a world


What is the best place to study in France?

What is the best place to study in France? Choosing the right place to study in France is an extremely important decision. In this article, we look at the factors that make Lyon the quintessential study destination. Known for its exceptional academic programmes, its affordability and its rich cultural tapestry, Lyon emerges as the first

Focus on the Master of Science at ISC Paris

ISC Paris is a leading French business school founded in 1963 with a primary vocation: “the selection and training of a young elite for the companies of tomorrow”. The school’s pedagogy combines theory, practice and vision of the future, while offering support and proximity to its students. ISC Paris offers a wide range of courses