Focus on the Master in Human Resources

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Human resources management is a generic term used to describe the management and development of an organization’s employees. Also known as personnel management, it involves overseeing everything related to the management of an organization’s human capital. The position is usually held by fairly experienced individuals, especially those with a master’s degree in human resources.

The objectives of a Master’s degree in Human Resources

HR management is one of the pillars on which companies rely for their growth, in a very competitive business environment. The most sought-after profiles for HRM are generally holders of a Master’s degree in HR. The training allows them to acquire the qualities and skills necessary for personnel administration, recruitment management or the improvement of working conditions. An HR manager must also be able to manage training needs and participate in the implementation of effective communication tools to facilitate the transmission of messages between management and employees, but also between the company and its external audiences.

The Master’s degree in Human Resources is a five-year degree that allows students to obtain 120 ECTS credits. Thus, the graduate can decide to enter the working world directly, or prepare a thesis, once the diploma in pocket.

How to access the program?

The Master’s degree is a two-year program, and the first year is accessible with a baccalaureate (licence or bachelor) in management, management, human resources, or an equivalent degree. But the admission process is not the same for all schools, some requiring the presentation of an application file which, if accepted, opens the doors to an interview with a jury to validate the candidate’s admission.

The training is offered at the university, but also in private schools of business, management and human resources. It can be prepared in alternating years or by distance learning, in certain establishments.

Some of the career opportunities for a Master’s degree in Human Resources

  • Head of HR studies
  • Temporary employment agency employee
  • Consultant in direct approach
  • Payroll manager
  • Training manager
  • Social relations manager
  • Internal communication manager
  • Human Resources Manager…

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