Why study in Paris?

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Paris, the City of Light, is often voted among the best student metropolises. It offers a dynamic and pleasant living environment for its inhabitants, and more particularly for students who come from all over the world to live here.

Discover the many advantages of this city and why it is a good place to live as a student.

A wide range of courses

The capital of France is home to many universities and specialized schools that have a great deal of success and resonance internationally. Indeed, students from all over the world come here in abundance, in order to integrate these institutions and train in different sectors. Among these institutions, we find the business schools of Paris which are highly coveted.

Experience a wide range of professional opportunities

Paris and its 105.4 square kilometers of surface area are home to many companies. Thus, opportunities for professional experience, such as internships for example, abound. This is an opportunity to gain experience and enrich the background of the students who live there.

A city for everyone

Paris is a city full of activities and professional opportunities. As the capital of cuisine, art and fashion, it can suit all tastes, regardless of generation.

An omnipresent international dimension

More than 2 million inhabitants are concentrated in the capital, among them French and foreigners from all over the world. This brings a strong dynamic to the city, but also a consequent mix of cultures.

An exceptional living environment

In terms of accommodation, Paris offers different solutions to welcome both French and foreign students. For this purpose, there are residences and university halls of residence, and collocations are also an option. As far as transportation is concerned, even though the city is large, there are many options and public transportation is able to serve the entire agglomeration.

Going out in Paris

Parisian student life is particularly full, between cultural outings and nightlife, there is no lack of activities. Indeed, there are many museums, theaters, festivals and gastronomic events among others, not to mention the student associations which are very dynamic, especially the Parisian business schools which offer a whole range of activities, enough to have a busy weekend.


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