Job opportunities in the communication sector

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The main mission of communication professionals is to enhance the brand image of the structure that hires them with partners, the media, etc. Indeed, a great reactivity and a good contact without qualities indispensable to exercise a profession of communication just like persuasion, the sense of responsibility and listening. Find out which branches of communication are recruiting.

The communication sector: many opportunities

There are many jobs in communication in companies, public administrations, as well as in agencies allowing, among other things, to manage a portfolio of diversified clients. Unions, local authorities, associations, political parties and educational institutions as well as individuals are increasingly calling on communications professionals to enhance their brand image. These are diverse and highly sought-after career opportunities in virtually all sectors of activity, which allow for access to positions of responsibility. The needs particularly concern project managers, communication managers, but also sales or graphic designer positions.

Moreover, the development of technologies in the digital era has been behind the creation of new communication jobs. Thus, the new means of communication around the web and social media offer great opportunities to young graduates. These outlets also allow them to showcase their communication skills compared to previous generations, which are sometimes a bit outdated. In this sense, it should be noted that the functions related to digital are numerous and attractive: community manager, web project manager, traffic managers, SEM managers, etc.

Communication: a sector revitalized by digital technology

In France, about 700,000 people work in communication (counting direct and indirect jobs), according to a report published in 2017. Thus, 115,000 com professionals perform their duties in consulting agencies and 155,000 people are employees of companies. The opportunities in the public sector, NGOs and international organizations are not to be overlooked. These organizations recruit communication profiles in order to promote their image and actions.

Moreover, if the volume of recruitment in communication has always been linked to the economic and financial situation, the rise of digital technology has revitalized the sector. This digital momentum contributes strongly to job creation, offering several opportunities to be seized by data analysts, social media managers or E-reputation consultants, etc. The pace of work in these fields is relatively fast: many digital communication professionals work more than 40 hours a week.


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